Abetong sleeper technology

Heidelberg Materials Precast Abetong is a pioneer in the design and production of concrete sleepers for the railways. Since the start  during 1950s the company has continuously developed its production system and its know-how to become a world leading provider to the railway holders around the world.

To meet the high demands on safety and reliability our production is performed with the highest precision and with  quality control performed on all sleepers produced by using a 3D scanning system. The result is a maintenance free sleeper with perfect track geometry with highest possible safety. To minimize the environmental impact raw material, logistics and production processes are continuously in focus.

During the last fifty years Heidelberg Materials Precast Abetong has designed sleepers for clients around the world, with an optimization to the valid train/track conditions. The continuous development within the company strives for production improvement in quality, efficiency, safety and work environment.

A30 – The concrete sleeper for main lines

Main line sleepers

Heidelberg Materials Precast Abetong has over the years designed and produced sleepers for heavy haul lines with axle loads of above 40 tonnes and for high speed lines with train speeds in excess of 250 km/h.

The sleeper designs of Heidelberg Materials Precast Abetong have been produced using all the modern kind of fastening system and with track gauges varying from 610-1680 mm.

A30 has been developed with the highest priority to minimize the environmental impact resulting in an Environmental Product Declaration, EPD.

Turnout sleepers with cast-in inclined rail seats

Turnout sleepers

Heidelberg Materials Precast Abetong was the first company in the world to manufacture turnout sleepers in a serie production. Ever since the company has been the sole supplier of turnout sleepers for the Swedish railway network.

Based on a close cooperation with the turnout suppliers, the unique turnout design with strict tolerances is correctly transferred to the concrete sleepers to form complete turnouts with excellent track geometry.

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