Slab Track Austria

Faster, safer and longer-lasting – today’s high-speed track must meet these requirements. The demand for high-speed train connections has been increasing for years. The railway superstructure systems have to meet the requirements to enable travelling at speeds up to 300 km/h and more. These are exactly the criteria that Slab Track Austria, with elastically supported slab as its key element, is able to meet. The Slab Track Austria state-of-the-art slab track technology currently fulfils these requirements on more than 780 km of slab track, 360 km of high-speed track,27 bridges and 62 tunnels and counting.

Heidelberg Materials Precast Abetong is proud to have Porr Bau GmbH as a partner and to be the official supplier of the Slab Track Austria-system in Sweden.

As train travel continues gaining momentum, a modern, high-speed railroad network is a must. PORR’s state-of-the-art slab track technology, with its carefully designed components has a proven track record. Perhaps the highest test that the Slab Track Austria system has passed is the fact that ever since 1989, when the first sections of ÖBB/Porr slab track were built up, until today there has never been required a panel replacement due to a failure of the slab track system. It comes as close as possible to a maintenance-free track. The estimated life cycle is at least 60 years.

System advantages

  • High track quality and precision
  • Maintenance free
  • Installation independent of weather conditions
  • Easy repair concept
  • Reduced structural-borne noise
  • Prefabricated
  • Low construction height
  • Low failure potential
  • Low construction width
  • Fast installation
  • Quality concrete finish

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